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Legend told stories of a boiling river (Shanay – timpiskha) hidden in the heart of the amazon jungle in peru. The river is believed to be a myth for many years until a young explorer, Andre’s Ruzo went on an adventure to confirm it.


When Ruzo was a kid, his grandfather told him a story of a boiling river located in the amazon jungle discovered by a group of spanish explorers searching for the lost city of gold.

Grown up and running his PHD in geophysics, Ruzo planned on creating a heat map of peru to show the areas with geothermal energy. When Ruzo told his colleagues and many other experts about the river, they took the story as ridiculous. This is because hot rivers exist, but they get their heat from nearby volcanoes. The closest volcano to the Amazon was 400 miles away.

Ruzo keep asking people about river, until he met someone who has a clue of what he was saying. His aunt claimed she has seen the river.

In 2011, Ruzo and his aunt went hiking into the Amazon forest. In the forest they met a shaman of a native town named a healing center who was the protector of the river. He got permission from the shaman to study the river, then the shaman’s servant took them to the river. When they got there, it was actually very hot. Measured with a thermometer, the temperature of the water was 86°C (close to boiling point). The river was 25meters wide and 6 meters deep and flows at a speed of 6.24km/h.

A boiling river

According to Ruzo, Animals regularly fall into the river and boiled to death. The river is home to two Amazonian healing communities (Mayantuyacu and santuario huistin) who both believe that the river was a sacred place with spiritual powers. Only the most powerful community leaders dare to go there to communicate with the spirits and learn secret powers and rituals


* Legends explained that the hot water from the river was released by a giant mythical serpent named Yacumama

* The name of the boiling river, Shanay – timpiskha translates to “boiled with the heat of the sun”

* The temperature of the river can quickly cause a third degree burn, burning all skin layers.



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