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THE GREAT BARRIER REEF (The world’s largest Coral reef system)

The great barrier reef located off the coast of Queensland, mainland Australia, is one of the seven wonders of the natural world. It is the world’s largest coral reef system. It runs through 2300 km from the southern coast of Bundaberg to the northern tip of cape york.
This beautiful natural wonder consist of up to 3000 individual reefs, 880 islands, over 200 types of birds, 1500 species of fishes and thousands of marine life. Formation of The reef during the successive rise and fall of sea levels, between the last years of the ice ages.
Coral reefs form when free swimming coral attach to rocks or other substances at the edge of islands or continents.

The great barrier reef is a very popular Australian tourist destination. It’s beauty draws thousands of tourist from around the world. It is also a favourite site for scuba divers. The reef acts as a barrier to the east coast of Australia by reducing the wave force which is produced By water surge from the ocean.

Formation of coral reefs takes a very long time, and can only happen under a unique condition. When destroyed, they could take thousands of years to reform.
In the past three decades, the great barrier reef has lost half of its coral cover. Pollution has also cause deadly starfish outbreak, global warming has also result in coral bleaching. Coastal development is also a major threat to this natural wonder.
It has been been Approximated that 70% of of the coral specie will have been destroyed by the year 2050.
“This natural beauty has to be saved” 😟


* The Great barrier reef is one of the places on earth that is visible from outer space.

The great barrier reef from space

The reef’s view from space

* Although coral reefs has been in existence for over 500 million years, the great barrier reef is very young at 500 thousand years old.

* The reef first started to develope 18 million years ago.



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