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Human existence in Macau or Macao (The English spelling is traditionally Macao, and the modern Portuguese, Macau. Both spellings are official)can be traced to 6000 years back on Macau peninsula, and 5000 years on Coloane Island, which are joined by land reclaimed from the sea known as Cotai Macau.

Macao also known as the Macao special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, is located at the west side of the Pearl River Estuary in East Asia.


in 1513, a Portuguese ship voyage to the Pearl River estuary into Macao. The Portuguese visited Macau regularly. The Portuguese started trading with China in 1553 , in 1557,  (4 years later) Macao was leased to the Portuguese as a trading post, but China did not accept Portuguese sovereignty over the territory.

in the 17th century the first government of Macao was appointed but the Portuguese remain under the control of the Chinese . In 1887 China finally allowed the Portuguese to take control of the territory.

During the Sino-Japanese War and World War 2 between 1930s and 40s, Macao became a refuge for both the Chinese and Europeans. The Chinese population in Macao increase rapidly. In 1951, Portugal made Macao an overseas colony. 1976- establishing of the legislative assembly mostly dominated by Portuguese . 1979,  China government had a fruitless discussion with Portugal in transferring Macao to Chinese control. In 1984 the government extended the right to vote to the Chinese. 1987, Portugal and China signed an agreement to transfer Macao to Chinese rule.

On December 20 1999, Macao became a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China.


Macau ‘s economy has grown rapidly due to the opening of gambling industries, clothing exports and tourism .

Macao attracts up to thousands of visitors daily, most from mainland China. Macao is the only place in China where casinos are legal, and gaming-related taxes account for about 80 percent of government revenue.

Macau is the 83rd-largest economy in the world by GDP (53,754 million US$).



Majority of the population of Macao lives in Macau peninsula, They are ethnic Chinese borns, there are also group of Asians including: the macanese (mixed Portuguese and Chinese ancestry). Popularly spoked languages in Macau includes Chinese, Cantonese, Portuguese and English language.


Macao peninsula links to the island by bridges. No Rivers, collecting of water Occurs during rains or draining from the mainland.


Macao has distinctive dry and wet seasons. Spring starts from March to April from the wind of the south east which brings warmth and humidity. May features the summer seasons, which usually last till the end of September. The high temperature during the summer can lead to Rainstorms, thunderstorms and disastrous water sprouts. Autumn in Macao comes around from October to December, This is the most suitable time of the year for traveling. Winter shows up from mid to late December, then the temperature gradually drops, January and February are the coldest months in Macau.


* Macau has the largest gambling market in the world

* Macao is the first and last Asian-European colony.

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