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MIMIC OCTOPUS (The sea’s master of disguise)

Kingdom: animalia

Phylum: mollusca
class: cephalopoda
order: octopoda
Family: octopodidae
Genus: Thaumoctopus
Specie: Thaumoctopus mimicus
BOTANICAL NAME : Thaumoctopus mimicus
The mimic octopus was discovered in 1998 by a group of scientists near the coast of indonesia. 12 years later, (2010) it was also spotted near the great barrier reef near australia.

The mimic octopus are known for being able to change their skin colour and texture to blend with their open sand and mud environments, and most amazing being able to take the unique shape and behaviours of other animals and objects. The mimic octopus grows to an average of 2 feets (60cm), while it’s arms grow up to ( 62cm). The original colour is light brown, but they take to a white and brown stripped pattern to look poisonous thereby scaring off predators.

The mimic octopus feeds mainly on worms, crabs, and other small species of fish, they also involved in cannibalism. During reproduction the male octopus places a sac of sperm in the mantle of the female, the male then dies within a few months after the process. The female carries the sperm sac for some months until eggs are ready to be laid. She uses the sperm to fertilize the eggs, the eggs are kept under one arm of the female which has a sucker that prevents them from falling during locomotion. When the eggs are mature for hatching the female octopus dies too the young ones are left to fend for themselves.

The mimic octopus is incredible at deceiving both preys and predators, it can stalk, deceive or hunt down predators, for example; it mimics a crab as a mate only to devour its suitor. If under attack, it may hide in a hole and pop out only two legs which it sticks in opposite directions to mimic the highly venomous snake which many predators avoid and swim away


* Although the mimic octopus impersonate many poisonous animals to scare of predators, it is still unknown if it is poisonous or not
*The mimic octopus are said to live up to 9 years
*Mimic octopus is the only aquatic animal that can imitate up to 15 different animals


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