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The lost city of Caesar’s also known as the wandering city, trapland, or the city of Patagonia is believed to have existed on the southernmost tip of South America (between chile and Argentina). Although the city was searched for during the colonization of South America, but it was not found. moreover, reports of the city circulate for 200 years.The city of Caesars features three stories. : *FRANCISCO CAESAR-in 1528, Francisco Caesar and a group of companions went on an expedition in Argentina. During the expedition, they found a city rich with God and silver, to the south west of Rio paraná in Argentina, he named the city Cuidad de Los caésars(city of caesars)

*GUETTERE VARGAS: in 1540, a voyage headed by Gueterre Vargas de carvajal sank on the strait of Magellan and about 200 people died. In 1563, twenty three years after the shipwreck, two members of the lost crew appeared in Concepción City, chile. They told the story of how they and other survivors of the shipwreck discovered a city full of treasures of Incan.
In the 17ťh century, DIEGO DE ALMAGRO led a Spanish incursion into chile. The Spanish arrived at a city which they believe was the lost city of Caesars.
*For a long time, many legends have formed around the city of Caesars, some say that it was populated by 10 feets tall giants, while others say it is a ghost city that could appear and disappear at will

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