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Would it Be ? (Cool) If you live alongside a Beautiful but threatening volcano? Maybe you should think about it twice. However, this is the real situation for millions of people who dwell in towns around the majestic volcano popocatepetl in Mexico.


It’s Name in Nahuatl means “Smoking mountain”. It is 5,452 meters high and is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the state of Puebla near the boarders of Mexico and Morelos. It has a beautiful and majestic conical form with snow on top year round.For years, this impressive volcano has disrupted the lives of the rural inhabitants of the zone by erupting 16 times between 1342 and 1927. However, none of these eruption were significant.
The volcano is situated between two large urban areas : the city of Puebla, located 44 kilometers to the northwest. In addition, in the state of Puebla, there are 307 with a total population of 6.87 million, that are near the volcano.Although it is true that not all of these people are located in areas of high risk, the social impact that a major eruption of popocateptl would have on them would be extremely bad for the area.In the end of 1994, there was a considerable increase in the activity of the volcano to such a degree that an alarm was raised and people began to evacuate immediately. On December 21st 1994, at least three openings appeared at the base of the crater, through which gas and steam came out.The ashfall, which extended the way to the city of Puebla, amounted to about 5000 tons.The government then implemented a program to evacuate some 50,000 people, 30,000 of whom were accommodated in sheltersAccording to official information on March 5 1996,at 3:50 a.m, a sudden increase was noted in the seismic activity of the volcano, probably associated with the uncovering of great channels opened by the gas and steam from the activity of December 21 1994. The photographs and information obtained confirmed that these channels had been obstructed by ash, which caused an increase in internal pressure of the volcano.This pressure, in turn, finally reopened the channels.The news paper El Universal, of Tuesday April, 8, 1996, commented:”The popocatepetl had a flow of lava in the crater, so the scientific community and the authorities from the civil protection agency were on alert, in the activity of the volcano”.
POPOCATEPTL IN 2018In february 2018 a POPOCATEPTL volcano Eruption was Sparked After a 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Violently Shook Mexico, for over 24 hours,The popocateptl volcano spewed out ash, Water Vapour And gas, According To Information from the Government’s Centro Nacional de prevencious de desastres(CENAPRED)On its website, centred is warning people not to approach the volcano and it’s premises due to fall of ballistic fragments and the possibility of landslides and mudflow rusulting from heavy rains. A phase two yellow alert level warning is currently in place, meaning eruptive activity with minor explosion and ash ejection is taking place.In September 2018, an eruption was followed by 24 hours of explosions and earthquakes in the area.
The latest activity was on the 27th of October 2018 when popocateptl was seen spewing ash and smoke, prompting fears among residents


The Mexican government uses the volcanic traffic light alert system (VTLAS)-green, yellow and red- which is similar to the four level alert system which is used by the United States geological survey(USGS)

DO YOU KNOW ? – * Popocateptl is one is Mexico’s most active peaks, the monster conical volcano has 16 major eruptions

*After almost 50 years of dormancy, popocateptl has been very active in the Last 25 years

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